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At the moment, hundreds of events in Europe are already being supported by Prozis in order to enhance the experience of their participants. Aware of the constant challenges that organising bodies have to overcome, as well as of the major expenses concerning registrations, results, products and structures, Prozis has developed a partnership programme to accommodate event organisers. The programme guarantees specialised and continuous support throughout all organisation phases. It provides just the right tools to optimise all logistics and expenses involved in the process.


Developed by a team dedicated to event organisation and management, and focused on sports nutrition as well as technology, the Prozis partners programme allows all partner events to optimise their management, so that the participants are offered a truly unique experience.

01. Registration and communication platform

Organising bodies of all partner events get access to a registration platform that can handle any type of event. Provided are programming and parametrisation support, as well as a dedicated team to offer support according to the organisers needs. The platform contains:

– intuitive and practical event registration

– an easily accessible information dashboard for the organiser

– information available in several different languages

– various forms of payment available to the participant

– the possibility to issue invoices automatically

02. Technology and media

Partner events can also get access to a system and a specialised team that provides services such as: 

– a state-of-the-art timing system

– a results dashboard available online

– live tracking

– professional photography

– video (clips and live technology)

– event communication to the audience and other partners

03. A unique experience for all participants

Being a Prozis partner event means guaranteeing a different experience to all participants, thanks to several unique advantages with regard to:

– special offers

– exclusive discount codes

– vouchers and products for podiums

– moments for brand activation and product tasting at the event

04. Structures and products

At, you can find over 200 brands and 10,000 references in sports nutrition and functional foods. The products from the online store are selected for the most diverse events throughout Europe, as nutritional support for the athlete but also for coffee break moments. As soon as an event becomes a partner of Prozis, its organisation gains access to a series of benefits such as:

– gates

– tents

– arena decoration

– products for supply points, coffee breaks and podiums

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Over 300 events per year are supported by Prozis.