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PROBOX is the most complete partnership solution on the market in the area sports nutrition and foods, conceived exclusively for Crosstraining boxes. Taking into account all aspects that make this discipline unique, the programme guarantees specialised support on all fronts of the partnership. The partner box is given access to all the tools required to quickly potentiate profitability and increase the revenue of its users.


Developed by a team that lives the Crossfit lifestyle 24/7 and is focused on sports nutrition, the PROBOX programme comes with tools specifically built for reselling products, accelerating sales and achieving higher retention of athletes, as well as communication, marketing and training. With these tools, partner boxes can increase their revenue without having to invest or take unnecessary risks.

01.Unique resale conditions

All PROBOX boxes have exclusive access to the product offer at prozis.com, the European leader in sports nutrition and functional foods, consisting of over 200 different brands and 10,000 references, with unique resale conditions:

– unbeatable discount margins

– possibility to order for low amounts for efficient stock and expiry date management

– fast and free deliveries

– exclusive resale campaigns featuring products that suit the specific discipline

– ProzisPoints earned with each purchase for resale, which can be exchanged freely for other products

02. Risk and investment-free sales commissions

PROBOX partners also have tools at their disposal to accelerate sales and retain community members, such as:

– discount campaigns and special gifts

– a partner coupon that gives box members an exclusive discount at prozis.com

– commission over sales generated through use of the partner coupon at prozis.com

– information about accesses and purchases at prozis.com

– data on the development of commissions and invoices

03. Business-tailored support

The PROBOX team is ready to support boxes on a daily basis for the implementation and development of the partnership. The programme is adjusted to each partner’s individual features, with strategy outlines to guarantee business profitability, like:

– access to an online platform where the partner can consult all kinds of partnership data and results

– tech tools that allow the sharing of exclusive benefits to the partner’s target audiences

– tips for increasing sales online and offline

– selections of the best brands, products and flavours, adjusted to the partner’s market position

– possible support for events organised by the box

04. Communication, marketing and training

The PROBOX team provides tools for the improvement of each partner box’s online and offline commmunication, being:

– an offline media kit, with the possibility to acquire business cards, posters, stickers, display stands and other graphic materials

– an online media kit made up of images for social networks, website banners and logos, and newsletters

In addition, PROBOX provides the partners with other partnerships and training content in the area of sports nutrition and supplementation:

– workshops and technical meetings

– online content such as scientific studies, articles and videos

– Prozis nutrition team available to aid the partner box staff

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Boxes in 24 European countries already use PROBOX