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Developed by a team that specialises in the areas of sports and nutrition, and gaining the attention of various professionals, PROFESSIONALS is a resale programme that provides exclusive opportunities for your professional career as nutritionist, physiotherapist, osteopath, physician, personal trainer, or if you run a health or wellness centre or healthcare clinic.


The PROFESSIONALS programme is the answer to all the feedback, ideas and suggestions of our partners who are professionally active in the areas of healthcare, sports, nutrition and well-being. PROZIS strives to provide the most diverse tools to transform their partners' businesses and help them increase the profitability of their time and knowledge.

01. Access to the widest range of sports nutrition and funcional food products

Every PROFESSIONALS partner gains exclusive access to the products offered at prozis.com, European leader in sports nutrition and functional foods, for added value to your professional performance in the areas of nutrition, sports, well-being and healthcare:

over 200 brands and 10,000 product references, lowest price guaranteed

 discount campaigns and special offers

 safety and quality control guaranteed of all products

02. Unique resale conditions

As a programme that focuses on the resale of sports nutrition and functional food products, PROFESSIONALS offers unique purchase conditions to its partners:

– unbeatable discount margins

– possibility to order for low amounts for efficient, low-risk stock and expiry date management

– fast and free deliveries

– ProzisPoints earned with each purchase for resale, which can be exchanged freely for other products

– exclusive campaigns

– dropshipping technology (buying online at resale prices for delivery at the address of the partner’s customer)

03. Profession-tailored support

The PROFESSIONALS programme team is prepared to support partners on a daily basis for the implementation and development of the programme. Each detail is adjusted to the unique aspects of the partner’s professional area, with strategy outlines to guarantee a successful career, such as:

access to an online platform where the partner can consult all kinds of partnership data and results

– tech tools that allow the sharing of exclusive benefits with the partner’s customers

 tips for increasing sales online and offline

 selections of the best brands, products and flavours, adjusted to the partner’s professional activity and target audiences

04. Communication and marketing

The PROFESSIONALS programme also provides tools for the improvement of each partner’s communication, being:

 an offline media kit, consisting of business cards, posters, stickers, display stands and other graphic materials

 an online media kit, made up of images for social networks, website banners and logos, and newsletters

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In August 2017, we achieved 1000 PROFESSIONALS partnerships in several different countries