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PROTEAMS is the most complete partnership solution on the market in the area sports nutrition and foods, conceived exclusively to provide direct advantages to sports teams, organisations, groups and clubs, as well as to their respective communities of members, fans and followers. It's a simple and easy way to an extra source of financial backing.


Conceived by people who know and deal with the challenges of managing sports teams on a daily basis, and who understand sports nutrition, the PROTEAMS programme provides all the tools needed to maximise its partners' performance and profitability.

01. Unique conditions for increased profits with no investment needed

The PROTEAMS programme grants benefits to its partners that aim to maximise profitability without the need to invest or run risks, and provides access to the product offer at, the European leader in sports nutrition and functional foods:

– products with guaranteed special pricing and superior quality

– an exclusive discount coupon for athletes, members, fans and followers

– free products from, or if preferred, sponsoring via bank transfer store credit earned with each purchase realised by means of the partner discount coupon

– ProzisPoints earned with each purchase for resale, which can be exchanged freely for other products

– specific campaigns for resale purposes and for the partners’ target audience

– information about accesses and purchases at

02. Specialised support

The PROTEAMS team is ready to support sport teams on a daily basis for the implementation and development of the partnership. The programme is adjusted to each partner’s individual features, with strategy outlines to guarantee business profitability, like:

– access to an online platform where the partner can consult all kinds of partnership data and results

– tech tools that allow the sharing of exclusive benefits to the partner’s target audiences

– tips for increasing sales online and offline

– a selection of the best brands, products and flavours, adjusted to the partner’s market position

– possible support for events organised by the partner

03. Communication and marketing

The PROTEAMS programme provides tools for the improvement of each partner box’s online and offline communication, being:

– an offline media kit, with the possibility to acquire business cards, posters, stickers, display stands and other graphic materials

– an online media kit made up of images for social networks, website banners and logos, and newsletters

04. Sports nutrition training

In addition, PROTEAMS can provide information and regular sports nutrition and supplementation training to the entire staff of the club, team, group or organisation:

– workshops and technical meetings

– online content such as e-books, articles and videos

– Prozis nutrition team available to aid the staff of partner teams

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